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Your Insider’s Guide to #AHRA2017

By AHRA Staff

AHRA staff recently caught up with the Annual Meeting Design Team and spoke to them about the upcoming Annual Meeting in Anaheim. Whether you’re still deciding whether or not to attend, or you’re already registered and wondering how you can get the most out of your Annual Meeting experience, the design team has some great tips for you! (Read more)

Manning the Crow’s Nest

By Cindy Winter, PhD, CRA, FAHRA

Whether sailing on smooth seas or rough waters, a seafarer must always be ready for anything. Old sailing ships often had a crow’s nest mounted at the top of the highest sailing mast. One knowledgeable and brave seafarer would climb up and sit in the crow’s nest looking for dangers to alert the crew down below. This seafarer equates to today’s Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA). (Read more)

If a Patient Has Breast Density Questions, Do You Have Answers?

By JoAnn Pushkin

Over 70% of American women now receive information from their breast imaging facility that they may have questions about. When the phone rings at your facility, is your center density-conversation ready? (Read more)

Enterprise Imaging Value Proposition

By Paul Shumway

For the past 5 or 6 years vendor neutral archives and enterprise imaging (EI) have been a hot topic at conferences and industry forums, and many industry consultants have eagerly expressed their views. From all appearances, it seems that everybody needs to get an EI system. (Read more)

Networking and Reflection

By Robbie Edge, CRA, FAHRA

On Wednesday, April 26 approximately 40 AHRA members and non-members gathered for an AHRA area meeting in Sacramento, CA. The meeting was generously sponsored by Atirix Medical Systems. There was an opportunity to network with people as far south as Modesto to as far north as Ukiah. (Read more)

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