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2016 RACC Commissioner Ballot is Open


The 2016 RACC Commissioner election ballots are now open! This year, there are four CRAs running for three RACC Commissioner spots. The results of this election will determine which candidates will join the RACC and help lead the CRA program through 2019. (Read more)

Are You “All In?”

wanda-cokerBy Wanda Coker, BHS, CRA, FAHRA

I am a huge college football fan.  From the start of the season in September until the National Championship game in January, my Saturdays are spent going to watch the Clemson University Tigers, the Auburn University Tigers, or sitting glued to my TV for away games. It is a family affair and a big event in our house.

There are a lot of analogies that I could make relating football to imaging management, but for right now, I want to focus on the phrase “all in.”  (Read more)

The Big Impact of a Little Known Patient Privacy Right


ClintonBy Adrienne Dresevic, Esq. and Clinton Mikel, Esq., of The Health Law Partners, P.C.

One often overlooked, but critical, patient right under HIPAA involves the patient’s right to receive a Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP). Issues associated with NPP postings have become a focus area for the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR), both explicitly and in OCR’s behind the scenes auditing practice. Since there are differing requirements for administering NPPs based on direct or indirect treatment relationships, imaging providers and radiologists need to be aware of the idiosyncrasies applicable to their particular practice settings. (Read more)

Inspiring a Leader to Become a CRA

Curt-BushBy Curtis R. Bush, CRA, FACHE, MBA

One of the best things about being a Certified Radiology Administrator is the opportunity to promote the credential within our own industry. I had the opportunity to work with a fellow director of imaging services to inspire, encourage, and support her to achieve this important credential.

I met Caren at the 2015 AHRA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. We had some common interests and career experiences and were able to exchange business cards. After the conference we continued a dialog about growth and opportunities for advancement. I had mentioned to her that I thought the CRA credential would be required in most hospitals within the next 5 years, and that all of my managers would have it by the end of the next fiscal year. (Read more)

Breast Density: State of the States

joannpushkin-head-shotBy JoAnn Pushkin

Twenty seven states, encompassing nearly 70% of American women, now require some level of breast density reporting to a patient after a mammogram. In fact, only 9 states have not endeavored to address either density inform or education in some manner through legislation. Click here to view an interactive map which provides legislative analysis of state-by-state density inform laws and insurance coverage.

Even where breast density inform legislation is in effect, there is wide variability in what is required to be told to a patient. Do you know what is required in your state? (Read more)

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