Member Appreciation: May 2016

By AHRA Staff

Here, we warmly welcome new members, acknowledge the tenure of our most committed members, and recognize any recent successes among all members. If you would like to acknowledge a colleague, announce a promotion, or make us aware of an accomplishment please let us know.

We are sad to inform you that we recently learned of the passing of long-time AHRA member Steve Metcalf in October, 2015. Steve joined AHRA in 1976 and participated in many AHRA meetings. He served as Chair of the Finance Committee from 1984-85 and 1985-86. He then served as Treasurer on the Board of Directors from 1986-87, 1987-88, and 1988-89. He was a strong supporter of the AHRA Education Foundation and donated regularly.

AHRA past-president Howard Schwartz: “Steve Metcalf was a former AHRA National Treasurer, elected by overwhelming majorities.  He was highly respected and regarded by all who knew him and knew of him.  He was one of my favorite AHRA colleagues and confidants during my AHRA presidential and leadership years, and an early booster and cheerleader for the newly created AHRA Education Foundation. The AHRA has lost a very special person, in my estimation.”

Steve Metcalf (standing, 2nd from the left) is pictured here in the 1988-89 Board of Directors photo

Steve Metcalf (standing, 2nd from the left) is pictured here in the 1988-89 Board of Directors photo

New Members (April 2016)

Please join us in welcoming our newest members who joined last month! (Want to reach out and welcome someone? Visit our member directory!)

Liberty Adair, Waco, TX
Carla Bailey, Temple, TX
Regina Belcher, Greensboro, NC
Vicky Bilyard, Jacksonville, FL
Chris Boatfield, Franklin, TN
Melissa Bradley, Chesnee, SC
Yolanda Bridges, Temple, TX
Karen Brown, Marietta, GA
Kasondra Brown, Little Rock, AR
Andrea Budworth, Bellevue, WA
Vicki Burger, Hagerstown, MD
Lou Ann Burnett, Augusta, GA
Kyle Byers, Lakeview, OR
Katherine Chang, Bellevue, WA
Eric Choffel, Bend, OR
Ashley Clary, Jefferson, LA
Kristin Connolly, Bellevue, WA
Keline Craig, Bellevue, WA
Paul De Los Reyes, Marble Falls, TX
Judith Diasselliss, New Orleans, LA
Lisa Eary, Temple, TX
Lisa Ettrup, Pittsburgh, CA
Aralis Ferreira, Yorktown Hts, NY
Chris Gallipeau, Charlotte, NC
Kevin Gerber, Marlton, NJ
Tammy Giles, Boiling Springs, SC
Tina Gober, Saint Augustine, FL
Bethani Hayhurst, Morgantown, WV
Candy Hill, Fayetteville, GA
Tonna Hollis, Austin, TX
Bertha Jenkins, Temple, TX
Kristopher Jordan, Teton Village, WY
Armina Kegley, Kingsport, TN
Jarrid Lamb, Temple, TX
Kim Lathrum, Indianola, IA
Charles Layton, Temple, TX
Jesse Lewis, Portland, OR
Christopher Livingston, Concord Twp, OH
Kristin Lockhart, Rock Island, TN
Jeff Magera, Rice, MN
Chabry Marks, La Place, LA
Melissa Marlett, Centreville, MD
Theodore Mayer, Temple, TX
Leah McCarthy, Greensboro, NC
Edward McNulty, Alexandria, VA
Deborah Meurer, Waco, TX
Jessie Moore, Waco, TX
Phillip Morris, Elkhart, IN
Regina Morrie, Collettsville, NC
Jennifer Murphy, Round Rock, TX
Brian Murphy, Torrington, CT
Jerrilyn Myatt, Temple, TX
Kimberly Nolen, Jacksonville, FL
Lori Ouellette, Caribou, ME
Nancy Paglia, Nutley, NJ
Dena Parker, Tampa, FL
Adam Paulk, Temple, TX
Tiffani Perez, Orange Park, FL
Mark Pierce, Tampa, FL
Tammie Provasek, Temple, TX
Heidi Putnam, Carey, OH
Florence Ramos, Chester, NY
Michelle Robbins, Bellevue, WA
Nikki Roberts, Temple, TX
Jeff Robinson, Jackson, WY
Janette Roque, Tampa, FL
Rebecca Ryan, Baltimore, MD
Amy Shell, Johnson City, TN
Valerie Sowers, Mesa, AZ
Jennifer Stasiuk, Kalamazoo, MI
Lori Stephayn, Kalamazoo, MI
Tosha Stewart, Anchorage, AK
Ann Styer, Mount Vernon, OH
Jennifer Taylor, Temple, TX
Dorinda Thomason, Germantown, MD
Zachary Thorburn, Altamonte Springs, FL
Verna Unberhagen, Temple, TX
Patty Vencill, Richlands, VA
Gary Wildfong, Farmington, NM
Karen Woten, Tazewell, TN
Julie Zierer, Weston, WI

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send contact information to our membership department at

Member Anniversaries (May 2016)

Please join us in congratulating the following members who have reached membership anniversary milestones this month! (Want to reach out and congratulate someone? Visit our member directory!)

30+ Years
Joan Oakley (35)
Stephen Spearing (33)
Earle Sims (31)
Terrance Keys (31)

20-29 Years
Michael Slemp (29)
Terri White Sullivan (27)
Theresa Cook (27)
Brad Peterson (26)
Barbara Runde (25)
Thomas Schue (24)
Sandra Edson (23)
Michael Dillon (21)
Sue Harris (21)
Jerry Brekke (20)
Dwight Fancher (20)

10-19 Years
William Harders (19)
April Dixon (19)
Gerald Labunski (18)
Mildred Aviles (17)
Sherry Hosty (17)
Penelope Lindeman (17)
Mary Savage (17)
Dean Lee (16)
Timothy Lacny (16)
Joseph Sprinkle (16)
Beth Phelps (15)
Courtney Funk (15)
John Shields (15)
Richard Vasquez (15)
Joseph Cassidy (15)
Susan Phillips (15)
George Ruggles (15)
Marita Dwight-Smith (15)
Susan Foster (14)
Penny Wilson (14)
Diane Baribeau (14)
Rhonda Berger (14)
Stanley Cobb (14)
Denise Vander Werf (14)
Philip Komenda (14)
Paul Lewey (13)
Quentin Cole (13)
Lorri Acheson (13)
Deo Religioso (13)
Joseph Gagliardo (13)
Patricia Coursen (13)
Anthony Frazier (13)
Rita Baker (13)
Christine Ophals (13)
William Tobin (13)
Michael Wade (12)
Kathy Coffman (12)
Joseph Phillips (12)
Kari Prince Adams (12)
Lorrie Keating (12)
Robert Moore (12)
Scott Cameron (12)
Jim Cary (12)
Richard Frechette (12)
Scott Hazelbaker (12)
Barbara Vess (12)
Matthew Hardin (12)
Bryan Mullins (11)
Bradley Carlton (11)
Chris-Ann Venugopal (11)
Betsy Milleta (11)
Tina Scott (11)
John Cairney (11)
Cathy Ross (11)
Robin Scalise (11)
William Tayamen (11)
Kevin King (11)
Joan Sousa (11)
Philip Pizzola (10)
Lisa Hammonds (10)
Suzanne McCulloch (10)
Sherri Paris (10)
Michele Residori (10)
Dianna Stiles (10)
Lisa Owens (10)
Stephen Sweet (10)
Jacquie Barner (10)
Gail McNamara (10)
Jessica Kennedy (10)
Judy Mason (10)
Patti McNutt (10)
Susan Cazaux (10)
Keith Indeck (10)
Shukla Karulkar (10)
Jacquelynn Sharp (10)
Wesley Harden (10)
Pamela White (10)

5-9 Years
Kimberly Cannon (9)
Dwayne Hansberry (9)
Angelic McDonald (9)
David Pac (9)
Kathleen Odum (9)
Kenneth Wroe (9)
Michelle James (9)
Jennifer Stocks (9)
Kraig Wilkinson (9)
Jacqulyn McGlynn (8)
Brian Reynolds (8)
Bob Beach (8)
Mary Best (8)
Michelle Tilley (8)
Isaiah Rodriguez (8)
Joseph Gonzales (8)
Cynthia Grogan (8)
Marcia Green (8)
Elizabeth Schneider (8)
Krystal Williams (8)
Susan Boulanger (8)
Louise Groth (7)
Sam Millhollan (7)
Jennifer Yates (7)
Susan Harnsberger (7)
Diana Mathai (7)
Carey Kalmowitz (7)
Jason Loftin (7)
Margarete Erwin (6)
Peter-Jon Chin (6)
Gail Schwartz (6)
Gloria Barber (6)
Cherylann Green (6)
Patricia Popp (6)
Jeff Tintzman (6)
Cheryl Ann Beegle (6)
Leonard Cardinale (6)
Clifford Dull (6)
Louise Farrow (6)
Kelly Lane (5)
Sarah Potteiger (5)
Cheryl Stoe (5)
Jayne Harris (5)
Delia Carter (5)
Karlie Hartog (5)
Glynnis Gaines (5)
Holly Avery (5)
Lynn Davis (5)
Feisal Keshavjee (5)
Debra Litman (5)
Brian Yee (5)
Merritt Nelson (5)
Mary LaPlante (5)
Robert Wright (5)

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