Rad Toons

By AHRA Staff

April 2010–AHRA knows that laughter is often the best medicine. That’s why we’re publishing industry related cartoons in Link and letting you write the captions!

Check out the cartoon below and submit your idea for a caption to go in the thought bubble. In a few weeks, we’ll post the top entries for you to vote on.

The winning entry will be published in the next issue of Link!

Submit your suggestion in the comments section.

16 Responses to “Rad Toons”
  1. Fred J. Apodaca says:

    More data, no problem I will compile that right away…”Can we find another way to delay the project”


  2. Tim Ludwig says:

    Should I give him the accurate data or the totally bogus data that will make him feel good.


  3. Brian Bidwell says:

    Right! What you really mean is that “I think I will delay the decision for a while longer yet.”


  4. Janey Ciontea says:

    OK, I’ll pull the FTE and the specialized program needed out of the magic hat to get that done.


  5. Ernie Cerdena says:

    Oh, here we go again…he keeps forgetting that he rejected the budget to implement our RIS project due to the bad economy. Well, I guess I need to start digging the data from the ledger.


  6. Jerry Mullen says:

    Great! Now he’ll hire a consultant to validate the data I’ve already given him!


  7. Sandra Seibert says:

    MORE DATA?? Your NINJA sends his regards…


  8. Peggy Pust says:

    Really? for a week of vacation? I thought my case was clear…..


  9. Rocky Green says:

    Just to get my Staples order approved?


  10. Woodie Ross, CRA says:

    “Open the pod bay doors HAL”


  11. Michael Hill says:

    No problem. Should I include ROI data for your position while I’m at it?


  12. Jerrine May says:

    What part of “I quit” did you not understand?


  13. charles phaneuf says:

    I just asked for paper towels for the Men’s Room!


  14. Daniel Kromis says:

    so…you don’t think it’s a ‘good’ morning?


  15. Holly McEachern says:

    Comment to self…”Just what I thought, you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about do you?”


  16. Wesley Harden says:

    Data? Really? Hey look, a kitty!


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